Car Body Repair

Car Body Repair or tinsmith workshop is engaged in repairing sheet metal, aluminum and plastic body parts.

We also treat and fill body cavities with anti-corrosive material. Based on the extent of the damage, our experienced employees will objectively assess whether the part is intended for repair or replacement. Body repairs are carried out using the latest equipment, such as straightening frame, spot (pull) equipment, plastic repair kit and other technical equipment. We put maximum emphasis on trained and experienced employees whose aim is to do the best work for you.

Our car body repair provides:

  • complete car body repairs of all brands
  • straightening and repairing the body after a road accident
  • repair and replacement of corroded body parts
  • mechanical adjustments and repairs of vehicle interior parts
  • repair of plastic body parts using 3M kit
  • corrosion protection of repaired and new body parts