Price List

Prices of other work performed, such as replacement of brake pads, oil, spark plugs etc. are charged according to hourly rate 550 Kč/hour , to which the price of spare parts and consumed material is added.

The price of work for cars older than 10 years is 450 Kč/hour.

Painting services

Painting prices are charged on an hourly rate according to the type of paint used.
You can find the price list for painting individual parts HERE

Polishing and preservation of paint* from 1 500 Kč
Preparing the car for sale* from 3 000 Kč
Restoring darkened lights from 500 Kč piece of lights

*polishing and preservation of paint, preservation of plastics, retouching of minor paint damage
*polishing and preservation of paint + odstr. minor damage, treatment of leather parts, interior cleaning

Prices may vary depending on the size or extent of damage to the part.
We distinguish metallic, acrylic and pearl lacquers.

Bodywork services

Straightening, extraction, repair of plastic parts 590 Kč/hour.

Tire service

Changing and changing tires from 690 Kč
Seasonal storage 1 000 Kč/season


Manual body wash 950 Kč

*e.g. vacuuming, beat, treatment of plastic parts etc.